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70s 80s Disco Funk ModernSoul Boogie

is the 2nd theme channel of FUNKY RADIO

70s 80s Disco Funk ModernSoul Boogie

You will listen to many  rarities…


after the “funk(with a heavy syncopated/aggressive rhythm and reflective lyrics of social criticism) on these bases, at the end of the 70’s, “DiscoFunk” was born. It had some new, more electronic sounds and sensual or sexual lyrics to get people dancing in the first clubs, some just for gays (“disco” meant “everything that was played in a discotheque). After the success of the soundtrack to the movie “Saturday Night Fever,” it also became the genre of many white artists


derives from the nothern soul” inspired by the sound of Motown Records (Tamla-Motown outside the United States). It was born in the 70’s when some DJs began to look for, among the independent labels of the United States and the United Kingdom, a sound more “modern” and advanced in terms of Hi-Fi and FM radio technology, than the traditional northern soul lyrical and melodic. The first modern soul club led by DJ Ian Levine, was the Blackpool Mecca in the seaside town of Blackpool (UK)


Boogie (sometimes called electro-funk) is a rhythm and blues genre of electronic dance music, born in the USA in the early 80s. The sound of boogie -then evolved into electro and house music- is defined by a link between musical instruments, acoustic and electronic, in which emphasis is given to the voice and to the “effects”. It lacks the four-on-the-floor beat, the “traditional” rhythm of disco music, but gives a strong emphasis to the second and fourth beat, and a time between 110 and 116 BpM.

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